department of Microbiology

Barkatullah university

Reasearch Projects

Reasearch Projects

S. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Investigator
1. DBT Builder Program DBT PI: Dr. Anil Prakash
2. Foldscope Program DBT PI: Dr. Anil Prakash
3 Genetic expression studies of selective physiology for CO2 fixation in Cupriavidus, a desert isolate CSIR Mentor: Dr. Anil Prakash
PI: Dr.Leena Agarwal (CSIR-RA)
4. Potential of bacterial endophytes isolated from Lycopersiconesculentumas biocontrol agent against tomato pathogensand their potential for plant growth promotion from Bhopal and its periphery regions DST Mentor: Dr. Anil Prakash
PI: HimaniChaturverdi (DST WOSA)
5. Characterization of Lactobacillus sps. Isolated from dental caries and its protein diversity UGC Mentor: Dr. Sunil Snehi
Dr. Anil Prakash
PI: Sonu Singh Ahirwar
(RGNF Fellow)
6. In vivo study of antidiabetic and anti inflammatory properties of probiotic bacteria CSIR Mentor: Dr. Sunil Snehi
PI: Bharti Mahajan

Thrust area of research:

  • Agriculture and environment Microbiology
  • Climate change
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Molecular virology and Genetics
  • PGPR and Microbial endophytes
  • Biofertilizers and Mushroom cultivation.
  • Biopesticides and crop protection
  • Bioremediation
  • Biotherapeutic agents & other inter disciplinary areas.

In above said area department is conducting Doctoral research program and other projects funded by various agencies of national and international repute.